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Absolute Aviation provides FAA DAR and Aviation Consultant Services

Founded in 1998, Absolute Aviation, leverages a variety of industry resources to meet the diverse needs of domestic and international aviation clients.     Our specialities are FAA interface, start-ups, and turn-arounds, but we have decades of aviation experience in R&D, certification, manufacturing, maintenance, and operationsContact Us with your specific questions and requirements.

  • FAA DAR Functions
  • Quality System Audits
  • Import/Export Functions
  • FAA Part 145 Start-Ups
  • FAA Production Start-Ups
  • FAA Quality System Set Up
  • New Aircraft Owner Support
  • FAA Regulatory Compliance
  • Aviation Business Consulting
  • Flight Test Program Planning
  • Investigations, Expert Witness
  • Pre-Buy Inspections and Pre-Sell Functions
  • Lake Aircraft Technical and Product Support
  • Start-Ups, Turn-Arounds, Business Development